Saturday, March 3, 2012

Milan Fashion Week 2012 (Photos)

For DSquared's last fashion show in September, they had models strolling up the catwalk with smudged make-up, in mud-splattered jeans and holding bottles of Heineken.
It was like being transported straight to Glastonbury.

And just six months on, the Canadian designers have again taken a leaf out of Kate Moss' book by getting their models to walk down the runway in Milan holding cigarettes.

Inappropriate or inspired? Models at the DSquared fashion show in Milan

Ms Moss famously smoked at a Louis Vuitton show this time last year - flouting an indoor smoking ban in Paris.

And a similar ban in Italy perhaps explains why the cigarettes held by DSquared models were mainly used as accessories. The women modelling brothers Dean and Dan Caten's Sixties-inspired outfits rarely brought the cigarettes anywhere near their mouths.

The same cannot be said for Zombie Boy, Lady Gaga's friend who was sitting in the front row.

Everyone's at it: Model Rick Genest, aka Zombie Boy, was smoking too - from the front row

The tattoo-covered 26-year-old puffed away before the show as he posed for photographers.
It really did seem like the whole show was geared up to give the message that smoking is cool.
Or perhaps it was all just an homage to Mad Men?

Interesting accessorisation: The models were smoking through elaborate cigarette-holders

Sixties: The DSquared clothes showed off simple and sophisticated cuts

In the American TV series about the advertising industry that is firmly set in the Sixties, all the protagonists smoke away at their desks.

And many of the more sophisticated outfits being paraded down the catwalk in Milan wouldn't have looked out of place on Betty, Peggy or Joan.

Even those wearing more modern, casual outfits including DSquared staples, distressed skinny jeans and sweatshirts, were styled with beehive hairdos and Sixties-style make-up.

Going with the times: Smoking was a lot more acceptable in the Sixties than it is now

Family-affair: Dean and Dan Caten, the Canadian brothers behind DSquared's designs - and the models in the show's school hall setting behind

Smoking break's over: The models doing their final turn during the show in Milan today

But it is the cigarettes the models were carrying that will make the most lasting impression - particularly as the show had a rather inappropriate school hall-style setting and many of the models must still be in their teens.
Let's hope that that smoking is one fashion trend that will not catch on. 

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